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These videos have been gone for a long time (since about the time Zim became commercially available on DVD), but the page below is left intact for archive purposes:

Episode guide and other various info:

Invader Zim BitTorrent Streams

These are BitTorrent files. Install the BitTorrent client in order to download them.

BT is a "scatter-gather" P2P program. This means that you will automatically be uploading the file you download. This starts as soon as you have the first chunk, which is about 1MB. It also means that you will receive the file in chunks, in random order.

Please leave the download window open as long as possible after your download is complete. Do not click the "Finish" button. Thanks! You can leave the window open and watch the videos at the same time without problems.

These Zim videos are all "HQ", meaning roughly 512x384 pixels at nearly 100MB per episode. Most are encoded by wormbaby, some by dorkus, vomica, or invaderkewl.

Season 2: I will create torrents for season 2 episodes whenever I have those videos. They have been coming out very slowly, so it may take a while.

Note: I've merged the six CD-sized torrents into three larger torrents, to make bandwidth use more efficient. If you need to resume, start downloading a new torrent, then stop it, move your old files into the new dir, then start downloading again.

Now active:

Invader Zim 101-113 stats 1.3 GB
Invader Zim 114-126 stats 1.2 GB
Invader Zim 127-2xx stats 1.2 GB

If your download is slow, try turning off your firewall. To get good speeds with BitTorrent, you must upload as you download!

Note: if you already have some episodes from a series, you can make BT download only the ones you still need. Just tell BT to "save as" and give it the name of the folder you already have episodes in. It will figure out the rest, and save you some time downloading.

If you would like to help others get these files, here's how:

  • After your download completes, leave it open. That's it. Leave it open for a good long time.
  • Or... click the link as though you were going to download, and instead of saving to a new file, "save" it on top of the completed file. It will verify the file integrity, and then say "Download Succeeded!" Now just leave it open and you can help out everyone else.

These files were selected as the highest quality Zim videos I could find. For more detail about the it, check my quality guide.

Trouble playing these files? Get a DivX player. You can probably find one at Still having trouble? If you're using Windows or MacOS, ask someone else for help. I only know how to play videos in linux. If you email me asking how to play these, you won't get a reply. They work fine for me, so if it doesn't work it's your problem.

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