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Invader Zim GIR chip-switch chips. These were all created by

This is probably not a complete collection. Last I checked (2004-09-18), there were 156 chips available, so I don't think I'm missing any. I have checked to make sure I have no duplicates (Chuck/Chunk is an exception; which one is correct?). This set may be complete now and then, but likely is not complete most of the time.

Some of these images may not be the same as the originals. Some appear to have been converted to jpeg and back, so they are lower quality than they should be. So, if you have any verified original copies please send them to me so I can replace any tarnished ones here.

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chip_vootrunner.png chip_weenie.png chip_willy.png chip_zim.png chip_zim_bearsuit.png chip_zim_gir.png chip_zim_halloween.png chip_zim_headpidgeon.png chip_zim_human.png chip_zim_kid.png chip_zim_oldlady.png chip_zimoldman.png chip_zimphony.png chip_zita.png chip_zombies.png chip_zooglodon.png chip_zootch.png
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To grab all these at once, I would suggest using wget and modifying the HTTP GET parameters to the page. If you don't know how to do this, then have fun saving them one at a time with the mouse. :)

These images are in PNG format instead of GIF.

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